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The settlement of Xert predates the presence of The Romans in the region, as indicated by archaeological finds discovered in various places in the vicinity. The oldest document, where the area is mentioned, is in the Letter Puebla Barcella, given in Lleida by King Alfonso II in 1192.

Xert has spent most of its history under the rule of the Masters of the Order of Santa Maria of Montesa. In the nineteenth century the Carlist Wars triggered a major upheaval for the village and there was even an important combat in the area in 1836. These wars had a decisive influence on the final disappearance of the Maestrazgo of Montesa.

In the20th century, the Civil War left its mark with the withdrawal of the Republican soldiers to the Ebro and the persistence of guerrilla groups loyal to the Republic, until well into the fifties.

The old town is very impressive, where even the Old Church is preserved.

From the sixties the population moved to the lower part of the village, a flatter more open area leaving the old town almost uninhabited and neglected for many years. In the eighties considerable interest arose to reform the old houses of the original village and many houses are now second homes for many people who visit Xert on a regular basis.

The most inhabited nucleus is the lower part of the village, where in 1962 the New Church was built. A new building for the Town Hall including an old peoples recreation centre and centre to celebrate events and cultural activities was also constructed around this period.

Xert has a rich gastronomy, such as the typical stew – the «rustit» with chicken and rabbit, oven roasted lamb, «les piles carnestoltes» (a type of large meatball eaten during the carnival period), and snails, etc …

Desserts and sweets in traditional flavours are still part of the staple diet of the village including: sweet curd, and many traditional pastries, for example; «els pastissos of jam carabassa», «els rotllets d’aiguardent» «the ràpid coc», «els prims», «els sighs», almond cakes , etc

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