Rent a car with Malco and visit Morella

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Morella is an authentic medieval village, surrounded by a wall of about 1,500 meters long, and presided by an impressive castle. Inside the walls the streets are narrow with a special atmosphere in every corner and a magnificent Gothic church.

It is located at approximately 1,000 meters above sea level, in the far north of Valencia, Morella is the capital of the region of Els Ports.

If during the day Morella is an impressive sight, at night and thanks to beautiful and sympathetic illumination, the town becomes an even better spectacle with its streets lined by small craft shops, inviting the public to take an evening stroll.

Omnipresent above the town, a solid castle, which has been witness to many battles and rarely conquered due its special location was partly destroyed during the Carlist wars. It has a spectacular view of Morella and the territory surrounding it.

The existing convent of Sant Francesc will soon become a new national parador (A kind of luxury rural hotel). If during the daytime it is impressive, at night it exudes an atmosphere which verges  between the  mysterious and the melancholy.

Morella also has within its walls a true architectural treasure, the Archpriest Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a Gothic building of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Around Morella you can encounter a well-preserved aqueduct,  and acres of terraced farmland that climb the mountains, many occupied by ancient olive trees, some which have almost or above a thousand years old with impressive trunks weathered and marked by the passage of the centuries. This particular type of olive tree is very abundant in the National 232 that connects Morella with Vinaròs.

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