Vilanova d´Alcolea. The Fiesta of Saint Antony

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Vilanova d´Alcolea experiences some of its most important and spectacular days of the year during the 16th and 17th of January, when it celebrates the Fiestas of Saint Anthony, bringing together thousands of people.

The origin of these fiestas is in the 14th century and it’s highlights, for their beauty and uniqueness, are the «matxá», the «tropell» and the «coques».

They begin with the «cremá» (lighting) of the bonfire which is then followed by the blessing of the horses and a procession through the village, where the horseman are obliged to go through spectacular barriers of fire arranged throughout the length of the route. («matxá»). Once the procession is finished a spectacular bareback horse race takes place known as the «tropell». This is a race where anybody with a horse can participate.

The participants are guided by a representative of the Town Hall to an indeterminate place where the race starts and finishes. This is the same place where later blessed «coques» (typical pastries) are distributed to the participants who finish the race still riding their horses.

After the distribution of the «coques» there is a village ball and the next day after a religious mass in honour of Saint Anthony, they celebrate more races.

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