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Do I have to book in advance? ¿How can I book a vehicle?

Although you can book on the day, it is important for you to book as far in advance as possible, as you may find that there is no availability, especially in high season. You can book directly on our website. If you have any questions you can contact us via Whatsapp or email. Remember that if you follow us on social networks you can enjoy the promotions that are published.

Can I modify or cancel my reservation?

Yes, free of charge, you just have to let us know in advance via whatsapp or email.

Can I reserve an exact model of a vehicle?

When you make a reservation, what you reserve is the type/group of vehicle, not the model. If you have a preference in terms of model, colour or fuel type, please let us know and we will take it into account, although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that we will have it available at the time of rental. If when collecting the car we do not have the type/group of vehicle you have booked, we will give you one of a higher category at the same price.

How and when do I pay the rent?

Payment for the rental is made when you pick up the vehicle. It can be made by credit or debit card. The cardholder must be present at the time of payment, although it is not necessary that the person paying is also the driver.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the amount of the deposit depends on the coverage contracted. In the city offices, the deposit is returned when the vehicle is dropped off, as long as the office is open and the keys are not left in the letter box. In the case of airports, your deposit will be returned to you within the next 7 days to the returning of the vehicle.

Are there any surprises when it comes to pay? What kind of coverage is included?

At Malco we are ethical, we do not scare people, nor do we have hidden charges. The final rental price is given from the beginning. If you have coverage with excess, in case of returning the vehicle with damages, you have to pay the amount of the excess for the repair of our car, as long as the damage was not caused by negligence, in that case you would have to pay the total amount of the repair. If you have coverage without excess, in case of damage, even if it was your fault, you do not have to pay for the repair of our car, unless it was caused by negligence. Under no circumstances will the underbody and top of the vehicle, the side and rear windows, the clutch, the wheels or the interior of the vehicle be covered. By negligence we mean when the driver makes improper use of the vehicle, for example getting into a very low garage with a high van, driving on a road that is not suitable for vehicles, filling the car with the wrong fuel, loss of keys, etc. In this case, the cover does not cover anything and the customer has to bear the full cost of repairing the vehicle.

What do I need to make a reservation?

If you are between 21 and 24 years old you can drive as long as you have had your driving licence for at least one year before the rental date and you pay the additional charge for being a young driver. Regarding the maximum driving age, we have no restrictions as long as your driving licence is valid and you can drive without any problems. You must have a valid DNI, NIE or passport, and a valid driving licence (expired documents are not accepted). You must present the original of both documents at the time of taking the vehicle, photocopies and photos are not accepted. If you do not have a Spanish, European or UK driving licence, you will need to present an international driving licence together with the original licence from your country.

Who is allowed to drive the vehicle? / Can I include someone else to drive?

The vehicle may only be driven by the person named in the contract. Additional drivers can be added (as long as they meet the requirements) with their corresponding charge. If the driver of the vehicle does not appear on the contract, in the event of a police check or traffic accident, you could be in serious trouble.

Do I need any special license for driving the vans?

No, you don’t. All of our vehicles can be driven by drivers who hold the normal B licence.

Can I drive abroad?

No, our vehicles can only be used on the Spanish mainland.

What is the minimum/maximum period of rent?

Our rents are for periods of 24 hours. You can rent a vehicle for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. We also rent vehicles for a half work day (3-4 hours). And we also rent vehicles for long term. If you need a quotation for that, please get in touch with us.

How can I extend my rental agreement?

You have to come to our office before the contract expires. Otherwise, police can ticket you for driving a vehicle you are not allowed to drive. And in case of an accident, the insurance will not cover you. At our office we will extend your contract so you can sign it, pay the extension and keep driving.

Do you offer unlimited mileage?

No, we do not. Mileage is limited, but we are very flexible. Tell us how many kilometers you will need and we will give you our best rate.

What is your fuel policy?

Full-full. Fuel is not included in the rental price. We will give you the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and you must return it full. If you do not return it full, we will charge you for the missing fuel plus a refueling fee.

Can I return the vehicle to another office?

The vehicle can be returned to any of our offices, as long as you let us know in advance. There is an extra charge for this service. It is very important for you to let us know in advance so that we can give you return instructions depending on the office you choose.

Can I drop off after hours?

Yes in the case of the city offices, where we have parking facilities for the vehicle and a drop box where you can leave the keys. This service is free of charge. When we open the office, we will check that everything is in order and we will return the appropriate deposit. In the case of airports, there are established timetables to pick up and drop off, depending on the flights.

What are your opening hours?

You can check the opening hours of our different offices on Google and on our website.

What happens if I arrive later than the hour?

Rentals are generally for 24 hour periods, but we always give a half hour courtesy period. If you arrive later, you will be charged a surcharge or 1 extra day's rent, depending on the delay. For half day rentals, returning later than the agreed time will result in you paying 1 full day's rent.

What happens if I have a breakdown or a collision?

In the event of a breakdown, you have to call the roadside assistance number that appears in the contract and the assistance will go to solve the problem wherever you are. In the event of a collision, whether the collision is your fault or the fault of the other driver, you must correctly fill in the accident report that you will find in the glove compartment of the vehicle. You can call us or the police to help you fill it in, as it is very important to do it correctly.

What happens if I get a fine?

If the fine is against you as the driver for speeding or any other infraction you have committed, the fine will be in your name and you will have to pay it. If the fine is for a vehicle fault such as not having an MOT, the fine will go to the owner of the vehicle, i.e. Malco, and we will take care of it.

Do you have automatic vehicles?

Yes, we have both manual and automatic vehicles. At the time of booking you can choose whether you want manual or automatic.

Do you have isothermal or refrigerated vans?

Yes, we have refrigerated vans, suitable for transporting cargo up to minus 20 degrees Celsius. If you only need isothermal, you can rent a refrigerated van and not turn on the cold engine, so it consumes less.

Do you have vehicles with a towball and/or roof rack?

Yes, if you need a vehicle with a tow ball or roof rack, please contact us to see what vehicles we have available with these features.

Do you have snow chains?

Yes, we have chains for all our vehicles that you can rent together with the vehicle. Let us know so we can prepare them for you.

Do you have baby seats and boosters for the little ones to travel safely?

Yes, you can also hire child seats and boosters, which we ask you to install yourselves for the safety of your little ones.

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