Flying with Malco? Frequently asked questions

Published 11 de February de 2020 by admin
You’re going to come to the Valencian Community and you plan to fly to Castellón or Valencia and people have spoken well about Malco Rent a Car, so you are considering renting your car with us.You may not know us and you haven’t yet made a decision regarding our service, so today we will consider those questions that you usually ask when you contact us for this type of rental.
  1. Where do I pick up my vehicle?
    It depends in each case. At Castellón Airport we have an office inside the terminal, so it can’t be any easier. In Valencia you just have to approach the airport parking and we will be waiting for you. No queues or waiting at either of the two airports!
  2. What happens if my flight is too late or delayed?
    We always wait for our clients, although it is important that you let us know if the delay is long and especially if there is a detour to another airport and the arrival in Castellón or Valencia will take place by bus.
  3. What do I do if I have an accident?
    Our holiday rental insurance includes a replacement vehicle if you have a breakdown or an accident. When you notify us and the vehicle arrives at the workshop, you will have the same or similar replacement vehicle.
  4. How many kilometers does my rental include?
    Many! There are 150 km per day and can be combined in all vacations, so you have many to explore all corners of the Region.
  5. Should I return the car with a full tank?
    Yes. We deliver it full and, if you return it the same, there will be no extra charge. You decide where you refuel.
  6. Do you have accessories such as baby seats?
    Sure! You don’t need to travel by plane with your children’s seat. If you need this service or others like chains to drive in snow or even hire an additional driver, get in touch with us.
  7. How much does the deposit cost?
    €100 for our airport services that we will refund within 7 days after the end of the rental, once we have verified that everything has gone well.

Of course, if you have doubts that we have not resolved in this blog post, you can contact our team, who will be happy to attend you.


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