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Rent a car or a cargo van now in Castellon, Valencia, Vila-real and at the airport


Half Work Day Rent of Cars and Vans

Do you need a van to move some stuff and you just need it for a couple of hours? Take a look at this section and don’t pay for a whole day.


Can you imagine using a car every time you need it and paying only for the time you use it? Now it is possible thanks to Malco’s Carsharing! The revolutionary pay par use car hire service.

Doorstep Car Delivery

Alquiler coche entrega a domicilio

If you cannot come to our office, we will bring the car to your place.

Long term rent – up to 48 months

Alquiler turismo renting flexible

Forget about those tedious procedures, registration certificates and insurance companies. Just enjoy the vehicle.

Rent a car today with Malco Rent A Car. Malconizate!

Booking a car or a van with Malco Rent A Car is easy and will save you time.

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