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If you’re looking to get out of the routine, live a different experience and feel free, don’t think twice! Join together the remaining days of your vacation, adjust your timetables with your friends or family, rent your camper at MALCO and hit the road!

We had been thinking about it for some time and at the end of August we decided to rent a camper at MALCO.

The price is in line with what I’d seen elsewhere to rent and MALCO inspired us with more confidence by the ratings they had on the Internet. It was a very new Volkswagen California, with a bed for 2 people below and a slightly larger one above. If they are children, they could sleep up to 3. The van has 5 places in total. We were travelling with 2 children of 7 and 4 years old, my partner and I.

MALCO provides you with a list of suggestions for your trip, since novices like us miss lot of interesting things to see. Pillows are essential so take them from home!

We booked our camping at La Fresneda Camping, located in the beautiful village of La Fresneda in the Matarraña region. This area is beautiful, they call it the new Tuscany, and it extends from Morella to the Ebro, just near to Els Ports. The landscapes combining olive trees and vineyards are beautiful, the villages are charming and there are plenty of areas to have a swim.

The campsite is run by a Dutch couple and is totally different from any conventional camping. It’s almost like open countryside on the mountain. The plots are very spacious and silence and tranquility reigns.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and after checking in with our welcome drink “we set up camp”. The van is simple in terms of handling and the use of the camping equipment. The upper part unfolds in a matter of seconds, as well as the chairs, the table, etc. Perhaps the most costly exercise is to organize our own things, such as food and personal belongings.

In the rental van there is plenty of room for the luggage of 4 people, but it is advisable to take a small windbreaker tent, or something similar, to have as an auxiliary cupboard outside, so you can leave things that you do not need, for example, children’s travel chairs.

In an area next to the campsite there is a small free park with monkey slides and other entertainment for the kids, although the great fun for them was the great novelty: `the van house´, the caravan camper. I think that they would have enjoyed it just as much parking the vehicle at the door of our house! For them, going up, going down, going out, going in and thinking that they were going to sleep in there was as exciting as the best of adventures you could imagine.

At the campsite they advise you very well on what there is to see and do in the area. We went on Saturday morning to Horta de Sant Joan, there is a company called Montsport that rents all kinds of bikes and accessories. There we took a quad bike for the whole family and we prepared to go down the Greenway. I say downhill, because although it sounds weird, you go 25 kilometers without pedalling, it’s all downhill! The trip is great, you can stop to have something in the small villages or have a swim in a river. When you arrive at the destination, they pick you up in a rental van and take you back to the starting place.

At night, at the campsite, we tasted a Dutch style paella that was not bad at all. The terrace for dining at the bar is idyllic.

The next day we went to the marsh of Pena, which is in front of the town of Valderoures, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, with a unique castle highly recommended to visit.

In the marsh areas there is a picnic area and you can rent skates and kayaks. The water is crystal clear and is not cold at all. After lunch we went back to the van in the vicinity of the swamp and we had a siesta, taking advantage that as long as you do not exceed the perimeter of the van and it is well parked you can do what you want inside your private area.

In the afternoon we packed up and returned home, with the happiness of knowing how well we had spent our time together as a family, especially the youngest. We are looking forward to repeating the plan as soon as another occasion arises.


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0034 96 312 74 05

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