Malco expands its services to Valencia Airport

Publicado 27 de January de 2019 por admin

After several years of experience at Castellón Airport, in Malco rent  a car we´ve decided to continue growing with this holiday service with the initiation of a special service to Valencia  airport, working since a few weeks. In this way we intend not only obtain new customers, also cover our usual brand customers services at this airport.

  • OUR VEHICLES ARE AVAILABLE 24/7: We know sometimes  it´s difficult to find a vehicle if you arrive to Manises airport at off-pick times, but we don´t care, in Malco there is always a car available, even if it´s last flight at night o first one in the morning.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS: There is nothing such unpleasant like arriving to the airport to start your holiday and finding new extra, hidden charges which you never expected. Malco customers already know that we are a good choice and they trust us 100% because we don´t have hidden charges, what you see is what you get.
  • POLICY OF HONESTY. Our development and growing is based in our customers trustfulness and this can only exist being honest ,transparent and offering an excellent service every day.
  • WE ARE FLEXIBLE: Are you travelling in couple and you need a small car? We´ve got it! Are you a big family looking for enjoying sun in the Valencian community? We also have a vehicle for you! we´ve got a large and full range fleet, get in touch with us.
  • EXPLORE AND DISCOVER: Whether if you are thinking about staying at your holiday place or whether you want to discover every single part of our land, get in touch with us, we will adapt your trip to your mileage .

How does our service in Valencia work?

This new service is as flexible as we are. No shuttle buses or huge long queues at the front office, with Malco you get your luggage, you pick up your vehicle and enjoy your holidays.

When you arrive to the airport you only have to exit the terminal facing the parking (1st floor). There you´ll also find it easy; just right at the end you´ll see a car with the features that we´ll indicate you, there you will find our rental professionals with all documents, rental agreement and keys, payment can be made with debit or credit card.


0034 96 312 74 05

0034 678 38 69 33
0034 96 312 74 05

0034 678 38 69 33