Malco Rent a Car, we are Covid-free!

Published 30 de July de 2020 by admin
During the state of alarm, we have gotten used to this situation fulfilling every step and phase within the new regulations stipulated by the Government. In this way towards the new normality, we have become a Covid-free company

What does Covid-free mean?

Covid-free is a new concept assigned to any company fulfilling the new health measures established during the pandemic. Since the very first day, Malco Rent a Car has adapted to the new circumstances introducing a new working protocol against Covid-19. Its main goal has been to guarantee at all times the security of the customers and avoid the virus spreading. For that purpose, the cleaning and disinfection process of our fleet has been considerably increased. Even though there already was a cleaning protocol, we now step up our duty on the areas of the vehicle that passengers normally touch. We also apply a final disinfection of the inside of the vehicle with an ozone machine, in order to purify the air and kill any virus, using IPE (Individual Protection Equipment) at all times. Another key factor in Malco’s Covid-free protocol is to reduce the contact with the client. We achieve this thanks to protection screens placed on the desks, disinfectant gel at the customer’s disposal, wait your turn stickers on the floor and reducing the maximum capacity inside the office to just one person at a time (as a sticker warns on the office entrance door). In addition, the Malco staff wears the Individual Protection Equipment such as mask and gloves, after disinfecting their hands.

Our priority: to keep offering our services as well as we adapt to change

Another important new feature during this time is our support to several initiatives such as #EstoNotienequePARAR (this must not stop), a tribute to those companies and workers that, always prioritising the security of their customers and employees, make the economy of the country advance listening to the needs of its society and being more productive than ever. In Malco Rent a Car we have kept offering our car and van hiring services in Valencia and Castellon reducing the costs for freelancers and companies during the pandemic, so they can keep offering their service as well. Malco also collaborates with Spanish Red Cross, giving them part of the fleet without any costs: a 5 seater van to supply medicines and food to people with a risk factor or  educed mobility and drive them to health centres, as well as two refrigerated vans to supply meals to homeless and juvenile facilities. During the pandemic, in Malco we have rebrand ourselves and have been thinking of offering new DIY services such as carsharing. The idea is to avoid physical contact with the customer while enjoying our service for short periods of time and paying only for the time they use the car. This product will perfectly suit those users who do not have an own vehicle and do not want to use the public transport out of fear of contagion. Carsharing is a new way of hiring a car that guarantees the security of the users by sterilizing the vehicles between uses. Our main goal is to listen to the needs of the society and to adapt to change fulfilling the new regulations. In Malco Rent a Car we are still working to offer the best car hire service and provide you with our fleet of vehicles. Together we will get back to normality!

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