Carsharing: functionality and advantages

Published 24 de July de 2020 by admin
Imagine using a car every time you need one and paying only for the time you use it. Now this is possible thanks to the new carsharing service. This is the best mobility solution for users that need a vehicle from time to time, whether for business or pleasure. Lately in Malco Rent a Car we have been adapting to these new days and have studied the possibility of offering new services that help to create the mobility of the future finding in the carsharing an innovative transport method that fits not only in the big cities but also in towns.

What exactly is carsharing?

Carsharing is a service that allows you to hire a car for a temporary use. Thanks to the Malco App you just need to register, check availability of a car near to you, reserve and pay with your smartphone, with no direct human interaction. That easy! Unlike the conventional rent a car service, carsharing allows you to use a vehicle for a short period of time. You will only pay for using it, that is, per minute or per kilometre. Once you have reached your destination, you just have to park the car in one of the parking spaces that the app shows you. This service is perfect for people that do not own a car and need one to move from time to time without leaving the comfort, freedom and proximity that a car gives to you.

Advantages of carsharing

Your car just one click away

As previously said, with the carsharing service you can have a car through and app with just one click. You just need to download the Malco App, register, choose the nearest vehicle to you and book it. You can open the car through the app and you are ready to enjoy the carsharing service for the time you want, with no human interaction at all. At the present time, carsharing takes a stance as a safe means of transport, since vehicles are disinfected between uses with no physical contact with third parties


Carsharing is perfect for short-term drives, whether for business or pleasure. The app calculates the rates with accuracy, per minute or per kilometre, so you just pay for the time you use the car

Savings in every aspect

As we all know, having your own car means facing several fixed monthly expenses: maintenance, insurance, parking, fuel, etc. Thanks to carsharing you do not have to worry about extra charges. This service includes insurance and maintenance as well as places in inside parking lots. Just enjoy this service and forget about surprises in the final price.

Contribute to sustainable driving

Carsharing is particularly sensitized to the use of a car for specific moments, with no more costs than the time you use it. Through a responsible use of the vehicle, a reduction of the car fleet in the cities and of unnecessary expenses will be noticed. The social mentality will change: we do not need to own a car that eventually triples the car fleet on our streets and therefore generates more CO2. In essence, carsharing offers and guarantees an optimal, time-to-time, sustainable driving addressed to both profiles business and pleasure. From Malco Rent a Car we will keep informing you about our new service, more flexible and customized than ever.

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