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Culla is a unique place where nature and stunning landscapes in their purest and wildest states are intermingled, together with the still latent vestiges of past times, typical of the civilizations that brought their history and identity to the region: prehistoric, Muslim , Templaria …

Its origins go back to prehistoric times, as evident by the archaeological remains and the cave paintings. It was Muslim until the beginning of the 13th century. It was then reconquered in 1233 by D. Blasco de Alagón, and received the Puebla Charter in 1244. Culla Castle played an important strategic role, during this period, for its situation and the vastness of its territory. In 1303 it was sold to the Order of the Temple and in 1317 was passed on to the Order of Montesa. In the 19th century, after the Carlist War, Culla Castle was razed and destroyed. What was left is basically the current state of the castle.

The main economic activity is agriculture and livestock. The most common crops are almonds, olives, hazelnuts, grapes and dry land cereals. The predominant livestock is sheep, goats, cattle and to a lesser extent porcine, poultry and beekeeping.

The old town of Culla offers an interesting tour, declared of Cultural Interest; the Historic Artistic Complex, with its different buildings rehabilitated full of history, streets, alleys and plazas full of tradition. We can delight in the ruins of the ancient Arab castle of the XIII century, the former Barn of the Comendador, now known as ‘La Presó’ of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Old Hospital, the Church of El Salvador and the viewpoint from El Terrat, which offers some impressive panoramic views.

In addition, it has a large number of rural houses and hotels that make it an ideal destination to spend a few days of vacation or make a weekend break.

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