Murder Mystery Weekend

Publicado 7 de January de 2016 por admin

The Molino de Tresgrandes hotel, located in Llanes (Asturias), proposes a different kind of weekend. It consists of resolving a mystery by following the given clues. During your stay you will discover that a terrible and mysterious murder has taken place and you will be informed that clues to the murder can be found in the area of Llanes.

During Saturday you will have to begin to fit together the pieces of this mysterious puzzle; police proofs, witness statements, interrogations, telephone conversations etc. And with all this information you have to form your hypothesis.

You will have to follow the footprints and clues that the murderer has left behind. You will spend a weekend enquiring and investigating in the surroundings of the hotel and at the same time you will experience the environment where this fantastic adventure takes place.

You will get to know one of the most beautiful zones of Northern Spain, you will taste its magnificent gastronomy, you will see its museums, caves, prehistoric sights and superb beaches – the clues could be anywhere!

The cases vary continually giving the client the chance to repeat their experience. For more information please visit the webpage;

If you are thinking of living this experience with friends or family, why not request a quotation to hire a 9-seater vehicle to start your adventure together from the beginning.


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 0034 964 53 87 52
Reservations and enquiries 0034 964 53 87 52