Tips for a group road trip

Published 6 de September de 2019 by admin
For those who a looking to escape from the agglomerations of airports or train stations and prefer independence when traveling, taking a road trip is the best option. Spain, and specifically the Valencian Community, is an area with roads that run along the beach, the mountains, and different climates. Here you have some simple and practical tips to enjoy a group road trip. Choose the most suitable transport
Obviously the trip is not going to be done walking or running, but a true road trip is made, as it couldn’t be otherwise, by car. Before leaving, you must choose the vehicle that best suits your needs based on the number of people traveling. In Malco Rent a Car we have several options, from five-seater, seven or even nine seater vehicles. Comfort must be one of the key elements of the trip, so you have to choose the car that allows all passengers to enjoy an unforgettable trip. Don’t forget your suitcases
This is another essential point that we often forget, Because not only people travel in the car, but also luggage.
Plan the route or go on an adventure
One of the characteristics of a road trip it’s that it’s unpredictable .It is true that it’s worth planning the places to be visited before starting the trip, but from there improvisation can become the star of the trip. Services like Google Maps can make travel easier, but it never hurts to buy a physical map or a guide if the signal fails. The important thing is to end up enjoying the trip, either taking the entire planned route from home or improvising along the way. Music never hurts
Some will say that it is a detail that has no importance whatsoever; However, music can be an amazing companion. After all, it can even be considered one more passenger that can turn a normal trip into an unforgettable one. Regarding music, there are two options: listen to the radio or bring your own CD or USB. Think if you are going to need accommodation
As with the route to follow, the accommodation can also be planned before starting the trip or you can choose it on the way. From five-star hotels to hostels with bunk beds, there are plenty of possibilities to spend the night. If you are one of those who prefer to live it all at the moment, we recommend renting our camperized vans. With them you can live a different experience and you won’t have to book any accommodation. Enjoy the experience
Remember that the best advice is to enjoy the experience of a road trip.

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