The Fallas

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The Fallas are celebrated every year from the 15th to the 19th of March, however throughout the year there are many acts and festivities related to The Fallas. The Fallas Festivities are also called the Festivities Josefinas (Festes de San Josep) which are celebrated in honour of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.

The Fallas are festivities that have strong roots within the traditions of the city of Valencia and many other villages in the Valencian Community. Nowadays, these festivities have become an important tourist attraction, and they are now classified as Festivities of International Touristic Interest. They begin each day with the «despertá». The Falleros wake up the neighbourhoods by throwing fireworks along the streets known as «tró de ba» or «masclets» fireworks which make a very loud bang.

The «mascletás» are the spectacular pyrotechnic displays preferred by the Valencians. On the contrary of traditional firework displays that look for visual stimulation, the «mascletás» stimulate the body through the loud rhythmic noises and bangs of the «masclets». During the festivities many distinct acts are celebrated; dances, concerts, firework displays, bullfighting and large organized lunches and suppers.

The name of the Fallas corresponds to the artistic constructions made of combustible material and they normally have a satirical character focused on themes happening in the world at that moment. The Fallas usually consist of a central figure or composition, various metres high, the biggest in excess of 30 metres, surrounded by numerous figures and supported by a wooden frame. They include plaques, written in Valencian, that explain the various scenes, always with a satirical and critical slant.

The «Cremá» is the name of the act when these «Fallero» monuments are set on fire and reduced to a sad pile of ashes. It is the greatest moment of the festivities, but also the saddest because it marks the end of the festivities.

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