Nativity scenes in Spain: A typical Christmas tradition

Published 17 de December de 2018 by admin
Christmas is here again, and Spain’s streets are starting to sparkle with lights, gifts and festive spirit… But what about those other reasons to choose Spain for a getaway at this time of year? These are the scenes of the birth of the baby Jesus: the typical Christmas cribs. Either traditional, living, innovative, life-size, featuring a wealth of technical details, created by artists… you’ll find them in practically every town and village, and you’ll see some amazing examples.

The tradition of creating nativity scenes to commemorate the birth of Jesus in Spain is thought to be some seven centuries old. Nowadays, when the Christmas season comes around (from approximately the beginning of December until 6 January), most towns and villages install a crib scene in their Plaza Mayor square, in their churches, and in every home… Many of these have evolved spectacularly, and now include moving pieces and special effects which amaze everyone who sees them. Normally all the figures are made by hand using traditional methods, and represent the typical stories from the Bible such as Jesus’ birth in the stable, the angel’s appearance to the shepherds, the Three Kings being guided by a star to a crib in Bethlehem… A traditional nativity scene In the popular nativity scenes in the area of Catalonia and the Region of Valencia (and increasingly all over Spain) you’ll come across the curious and much loved figure of the caganer, a peasant caught in the act of answering the call of nature. This figure has become so popular that nowadays you can even find caganersmade in the likeness of famous people.Some Spanish towns and villages such as Malaga and Ferrol have even gone so far as to set up crib scenes under the sea, or –in the case of Cordoba– created spectacular chocolate nativity scenes.Would you like to see a nativity scene made only out of sand? This is also something you can see here in Spain, and an example is the one on the beach of Las Canteras de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands.As you can see, you’ll find a multitude of ways to discover the importance of these nativity scenes in Spain, and to enjoy looking at all the Christmas figures and landscapes which are the fruit of so many hours of work. These are only a few ideas, but the list is very long: also well worth a visit are the nativity scenes set up in Laguardia (in Álava), Vitoria, Seville, Cáceres, Cuenca, Ciudad Real… What’s more, in many areas there are also special routes dedicated to this theme.Take a trip back to your childhood. Come and see the nativity scenes in Spain. Remember that Malco Rent a Car offices in Castellón, Vila-Real, Castellón Airport offer you very competitive prices to rent your vehicle, van or refrigerated van and without any hidden charges.


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