Tips for driving in cold weather

Publicado 7 de January de 2019 por admin

Although many people associate Valencian community with beach and sun, it’s also true that we live in the perfect area to enjoy winter months, with a beautiful and mountainous interior that gives us lovely images during cold periods.

Whether we are thinking about taking advantage of this cold days to go to that village where we wanted to go time a go, or whether we have to travel for work or other matters is very important to be very careful if we are going to drive in situations where we can find snow or ice on the road.

This are the 5 Malco tips to enjoy this winter period with total security when driving:

1.CHECK YOUR VEHICLE. When we talk about this kind of journeys we have to consider that we never now what we’ll find, for this reason it’s necessary to put your vehicle in perfect conditions before leaving. Very important to check oil levels ,check all lights function perfectly, suspension, windscreen wipers (Make sure the rubber part is not frozen so you don’t damage the glass) check the anti freez liquid, check that the headlight are clean to maximise visibility. If you rent one of our vehicles you don’t have to worry because we’ll make sure that everything is in perfect order.

2.CHECK YOU ROUTE BEFORE DEPARTURE, especially if you’ve never done it before. Pay attention to the conditions of the road and follow all signs and warnings. Before leaving check the weather forecast for the route and destination and the traffic conditions.

3.SNOW CHAINS AND TYRES. You should always carry chains in the boot of the car and in the winter it is essential to carry chains in mountain areas, use chains in good conditions and suitable for the vehicle. Do not use chains in rainy weather or ice.

4 FULL FUEL TANK AND OTHER EQUIPMENT. It doesn’t matter the length of the journey, never drive until the tank is empty, If you get stacked you’ll be able to use the heating. Make sure your mobile phone is charged completely, warm clothes, food and drink specially if the journey is long.

5. YOUR DRIVING. You can’t go out there and drive in the cold with any hurry or impatience, leave with plenty of time and drive carefully, respecting the security distance with a normal speed, especially in curves, avoid line changes and overtaking. The driver should wear dry shoes and never drive with coats, gloves etc..

With all these tips and advises , go out there and don’t lose anything!


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