The Museum of the Valltorta – Tirig

Published 2 de December de 2016 by admin

The Museum of the Valltorta in the municipality of Tirig, is a museum that belongs to the Generalitat of Valencia. This museum was created in 1994 to protect the conservation, study and dissemination of the values of the Cave Paintings located in the Valencian Community.

In the museum there is a temporary exhibition hall and four permanent exhibition halls, in which a samples of Cave Painting of the Valencian Community are presented. In addition the centre also has a department of work and investigation into Cave painting in the Levantine Region.

The archives of the Museum of La Valltorta are composed of visual, scientific and technological information of Prehistoric Cave Painting all in the Valencian Community.

The museum is also the starting point for guided tours of the cave paintings of the Valltorta-Gassulla Cultural Park.

There are paintings dated from the end of the Mesolithic Age and during the Neolithic Age and are included in the so-called Levantine Cave Painting Art. They include representations of animals and there are also numerous human representations, in scenes that record the daily life of the time, such as hunting or dances, etc.

As a sign of the importance of the Cave Painting Art in the area, in 1998 UNESCO declared the Cave Paintings of the Mediterranean Arc as a World Heritage Site. The Consell also approved a decree declaring it to be of Special Cultural Interest.

The Park also has other cultural assets to be preserved and which already have the status of BIC in its various categories, such as military buildings (castles, walls …), industrial buildings (mills) or archeological surveillance areas, etc.

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