Easter Week in Seville

Publicado 19 de March de 2016 por admin

Easter week in Seville is perhaps one of the most well-known festivities in Seville and between all the distinct celebrations of Easter in the whole of Spain, it is probably one of the most popular.

It is said that the Andalusians are very religious and it is true that anyone who sees the Easter Week in Seville cannot dispute this fact after witnessing their religious fervour in the processions and the brotherhoods.

The Easter Week in Seville is known especially for its processions, more than 60 brotherhoods and 121 religious statues are carried in processions to the Cathedral of Seville between Palm Sunday and the Resurrection. The religious statues are carried on their shoulders of the ‘costaleros’, who go in procession together with the brotherhoods, the standard bearers and the ‘Nazarenes’.

An essential element of the Easter Week in Seville is also the processional marches, which are musical marches created specially to accompany the religious images, and are interpreted by bands with drum accompaniment etc.

The Easter Week of Seville has been declared a Festivity of National Tourist Interest and it goes without saying that it attracts both religious people and everyday tourists who are curious to get to know this element which is such a part of Seville life and which makes Seville such a popular destination during this time of the year.

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