Culla, Ares and Benassal: a perfect three in a row for a tourism day

Publicado 23 de January de 2019 por admin

Castellon province has incredible hidden secrets, many of them very close to each other. Only an hour from Castellón and an hour and half from Valencia, Ares, Culla and Benassal, make a three in a row trip of lovely and charming spots, with medieval flavors and where history mixes with impressive views and with a life surrounded by nature.


We can choose to go and visit one or we can do a trip to the three of them, which is a perfect plan for an outdoor day. There are also perfect to visit in the winter. If we aren’t scared of the cold and driving during these months. The views of Ares on white snow are really worth it.


  • We start our route in Benassal, a village with more or less 800 inhabitants, the perfect place to lose yourself through the labyrinth of medieval alleys. It is a must to go to la Mola neighbourhood to start your journey, a visit to the Font d’En Segures thermal spa where you can find the spring water is highly recommended.

  • We continue our way to Culla, a beautiful and little village named Heritage of cultural interest. A walk through Culla will let us see the footprints of the different people who trod on this land since prehistory.

  • We end in one of the most beautiful spots in Castellon province. Ares, built over a rocky hill. A part from discovering the old town centre and seeing how they live and used to live we should visit the Barranc dels Molins and the Mola d`Ares natural park, the views from there are spectacular on a sunny and clear day.


History, nature and cultural heritage come together in this short route which you can complete with other visits to the different museums of each location or take advantage of the visit to any of this villages to taste the great Maestrazgo cuisine.

In Malco we make it easy for you, rent the vehicle that suits you most to go and visit these beautiful Castellón locations.


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