Choosing the right van

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Renting a van for moving house is nearly always a great money saver and much more economical than contracting a removal company whose prices are normally far higher.

A rental van is also an excellent option for companies who are looking to expand their vehicle fleets without the need to purchase the latest models every year.

However, it is probably true that most people rent vans for short periods – to carry out a house removal or transport some materials, and therefore it is important to make sure that your choice of van is the right one and so reduce the chances of anything going wrong.


Good advice for renting a van to transport cargo

With the help of family or friends, the van you will need to start work and transport a load for an average distance will probably be between 7m2 and 10m2.

If your intention is to rent a van for longer distances, for example to do trips, you will need to inform your rental company about how far exactly you are going to travel. In this way they will be able to offer you the best prices and discounts for the cargo and distance to be travelled. Remember that nearly all rental vans have a limited mileage and you should clarify this point to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, if your plan is to transport a large volume of goods, this will also have an influence on the kind of van you need. You should also take into consideration your own driving skills and experience with larger vehicles to avoid any mishaps. Driving a van is not as easy as driving a car.

Vans for all kinds of customers

Vans for medium loads should not present any problems for those drivers used to driving large cars, but renting a box van or other vehicle with large capacity may take drivers time to get accustomed to, especially when reversing and parking.

If your intention is to hire a small truck, you will also need to take into account the extra height of the vehicle and it may be impossible to enter many underground car parks with this type of industrial vehicle.

If you return your rented van later than the contracted period, this could result in an additional cost. You should also make sure you have the appropriate insurance to cover any unforeseen problems such as vehicle services and repairs. You should also be aware of some aspects such as the fuel consumption of the van, which will vary according to the load being carried. All of these considerations will help to ensure a safe journey and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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