Castellón, one of the most beautiful provinces in Spain

Published 28 de October de 2016 by admin

The province of Castellon is becoming internationally famous thanks to its new airport. All visitors who come to Castellon discover its tourist side and enjoy its sun and beaches.
From Almenara to Vinaroz you can find miles and miles of the most wonderful blue flag, white sandy beaches on the Mediterranean coast, which undoubtedly makes Castellon a perfect destination to spend your well-deserved vacation. The 300 days of annual sunshine in the province of Castellon offers you a wide range of days to choose your holidays, because you can enjoy the Mediterranean weather almost any time of the year.
Small towns like Benicassim, Burriana, Oropesa, Alcocebre and Vinaroz offer an unforgettable experience to the visitor who is looking for high-quality destinations on the coast and to get away from mass tourism. In the north of the province you will find Peñiscola, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. In Peñiscola there is the Castle of Papa Luna, built on a small peninsula. To reach it, the visitor has to walk the steep colourful streets of the old town.
However, if we only focused on the coast of Castellon, we would miss the other great treasures hidden in our province, the inland areas. Not everything is sun and beaches. Castellon is the second most mountainous province in Spain and has many villages that are true open-air museums. From the bohemian old town of Villafames to the great town of Segorbe, that was declared of Special Cultural Interest. Other examples are the attractive and historical village of Culla; the wonderful navigable underground river of Vall d’Uixò; the thermal waters of Montanejos; the urban art of Fanzara; the great castle of Onda; the cultural heritage of San Mateo and Burriana; and the marvellous aspect of small villages like Ares or Lucena del Cid.
Furthermore, the town of Morella deserves a special mention. Morella is another of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The landscape when arriving to the town by car leaves you breathless. The visitor can enjoy Morella’s beauty and architectural coherence in every stone cobbled street and in the majestic castle that crowns this medieval town, also protected by extraordinary walls. Morella is the door to the Maestrazgo, a historical region consisting of wonderful villages between the provinces of Castellon and Teruel. One of these villages is Zorita, close after leaving this village heading up to the mountains you will find the Santuario de la Balma, a monastery of great pilgrimage where, in the past, the last exorcisms known in Spain took place. Cinctorres, Todolella, La Mata or the previously mentioned Zorita are some destinations that everyone will be thankful to have had the chance to visit.
Nature lovers will also be happy to visit us. The province of Castellon has different nature parks and mountain chains, such as Espadán, Serra d’Irta and of course Peñagolosa, with an old monastery and where you will find the highest point in the Comunidad Valenciana (over 5,900 ft). The villages of Fredes and Boixar are the starting line of fascinating trips among nature and fauna to the great Massís del Ports, on the north of the province of Castellon. The Columbretes Islands, just a couple of hours away from the coast by boat, are a protected archipelago considered one of the most important natural spaces of the Comunidad Valenciana.
And last but not least we could not finish this brief description of the province of Castellon without mentioning its rich and varied gastronomy. From the well-known fish and seafood that the coast provides to the warm, hearty food that makes the visit to any inland village worthwhile. Good food will be your constant partner during your unforgettable visit to the province of Castellon.

As you have seen, the possibilities that the province of Castellon offers to its visitors are almost countless. This is the reason why we can say with any confidence that the province of Castellon is one of the most touristic in Spain and to visit all these places in comfort and ease what could be better than hiring a car in Malco Rent A Car? We have the vehicle that suits you best with the most honest price and conditions. We also have 9 seater vans for those of you who want to know the province of Castellon with your family or friends.


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