Aigüestortes National Park – LLeida

Published 20 de July de 2017 by admin

A crystal-clear paradise in a peaceful, relaxing setting.

The Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park presents the typical high mountain features of the Pyrenees, as well as its own distinguishing feature: water.

This park is characterised by its crystal-clear waters that run through its many lakes and rivers, and make this Pyrenean landscape rich. As well as the torrents and waterfalls, there are thick forests which look extremely beautiful when it snows. But its landscape is not the only important thing – its biological wealth is extraordinary. It is a real paradise for nature lovers: lakes, torrents, waterfalls, peat bogs, rocky slopes, rugged peaks and thick forests of black pine, fir, Scots pine, birch and beech, home to many interesting alpine and northern plants and animals.


This is a Pyrenean high mountain ecosystem. Its most outstanding features are the more than 200 lakes or “estanys”, the spectacular crags of “Els Encantats” and the typical meanders (“aigüestortes”). The forests are fairly typical of this type of ecosystem. Bearded vultures are the most typical birds in the park. They live on the rock faces and nest in ledges, caves and crevices. There are many animals living in the lakes and rivers: common trout, rainbow trout, common frog, common toad and Pyrenean newt. The Pyrenean muskrat lives in the rivers and streams, although it is hard to spot because it usually comes out at night. There are also otters.

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